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Your document format must conform to Wisconsin Act 110, Standard Document Format implemented September 1, 1996, and Act 139 implemented 3-16-06. Requirements include 3 by 3" blank space in upper right hand corner, minimum 1/2 inch margins at the top of each page, minimum 1/4 inch margins on sides and bottom of first page, white standard weight paper, black ink and no hinged pages.

  • The document title must be within the top 3" but not encroach on the 1/2 inch top margin or the recording area.
  • A return name and address must be entered on the document either under the recording area on the right or else on the upper left corner under the space for the document number.
  • The entire document must be legible and reproducible.
  • Parcel Identifier Numbers (PIN) are required on documents in some counties. Check with your local register of deeds about this requirement. If it is required, the PIN must be located directly below the return name and address.
  • Documents pertaining to real estate require the complete legal descriptions of the property.
  • Original signatures are required.
  • The document must refer to land within the county it is recorded.
  • A complete Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer form, revised November, 1997 or later, is required for conveyances.
  • Multiple mortgage, assignments or satisfactions may not be placed on the same instrument.
  • A notary's authentication and valid commission date are required.
  • The correct recording fee is required.
  • The document can not contain a Social Security Number. (This does not apply to Real Estate Transfer Form)

Fee Schedule
Electronically Submitting A Real Estate Transfer Return (RETR)

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